As leading manufacturer of snow plows for pickups, winches and automotive accessories, Detail K2 (DK2) believes in providing quality first. A smart pricing module ensures each auto accessory, winch or snow plow for sale is delivered to customers on time and in accordance with their ever changing needs. As a global supplier of truck and automotive accessories, the DK2 brand includes a full line of personal snow plows as well as our well known Warrior Winch line of industrial grade recovery winches, flip racks, trailers, cargo carriers and more at competitive prices.

More than just an auto accessories and snow plow manufacturer, our goal is to continuously bring to market innovative automotive and truck accessory products which effortlessly improve and shape the future of our buyers. We believe that our business can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities we serve. Operating out of our flagship location in Burlington ON Canada, we service wide range of wholesale and retail channels in North America by maintaining our commitment of providing products that are designed and created with high ethical standards and warranty history. DK2 offers quality auto parts to leading big box stores, automotive and snow plow dealers and ecommerce retailers.


Established in 2000, Detail K2 has grown out of a need for affordable high quality truck and auto accessories. What started as offering just one line of quality parts, it now offers today’s award winning DK2 Warrior Winches and it’s widely used and reviewed snow plows.

Meet the Owner

Steve is an entrepreneur with a background in manufacturing and supply chain. Detail K2 combines his love and knowledge of the automotive industry with what he does best: product manufacturing and retail.

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