DK2’s Next Generation of Snow Plow is Here

The DK2 snow plows for pick-ups and other personal use vehicles allow you to quickly and effectively remove snow from driveways or small parking lots. DK2’s range of personal plows each mount onto your vehicle with our new vehicle specific custom snow plow mounting system. Each snow plow ships in a single carton complete with hardened steel cutting edge scraper, snow plow blades, rubber snow deflector, polymer-wrapped wire rope plow markers, skid shoes, castor kit for easy storage, and a 3,000lb wireless electric warrior winch. You can also add a custom DK2 light kit and other snow removal accessories.

See it in Action


Get the best personal plow for snow removal from Detail K2 plows. A leading Canadian snow plow manufacturer and supplier of affordable personal plows for virtually all makes and models of vehicle. See our full range of snow removal equipment in action on our YouTube channel or buy a plow at one our reputable snow plow dealers with affordable plow prices.

Detail K2 Snow Plow Features


dk2 personal snow plow custom mount guide
dk2 personal snow plow custom mount guide
dk2 personal snow plow features

Better Design

All snow plows use a vehicle specific custom mounting system and also shortened the plow frame by 14” for added strength

Better Materials

Constructed from 100% UV powder coated all black steel to resist corrosion and rusting

Custom Mounting System

Our brand new custom mounting system allows us to choose the best system of attaching the plow to your specific vehicle. This results in a more sturdy connection between the plow and your truck, prolonging the lifespan of the product (find your vehicle’s custom mount here)



Better Packaging

This unit ships complete in a single carton anywhere in Canada or the United States (Lower 48)


DK2 Snow Plow Lineup

dk2 summit personal snow plow

Our SUMMIT II is the largest of our 3 snow plows weighing in at 300lbs with a blade dimension of 88″ wide by 26″ high. This unit is best suited for larger pickup trucks and larger parking lots and driveways

dk2 storm personal snow plow

dk2 storm personal snow plow

The STORM II snow plow is our best selling unit 3 years in a row. It weighs 283lbs with a blade dimension of 84″ wide by 22″ high. The STORM II is recommended for standard size pickup trucks or large SUV’s

dk2 rampage personal snow plow

dk2 rampage personal snow plow

The smallest snow plow in our lineup is the RAMPAGE II. This plow weighs 265lbs and its blade is 82″ wide by 19″ high. The RAMPAGE II personal snow plow fits best with smaller pickup trucks and SUV’s