DK2 Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier


For someone who doesn’t want the hassles associated with towing a trailer, the DK2 Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier is the perfect option. Since this carrier utilizes the WedgeLockTM, our patent pending mounting system, it is rock-solid and will keep your bike stable and secure. Now you can transport your bike with confidence and ease. Works equally great with motorcycles, motocross and dual purpose bikes, scooters, and mopeds.
  • Extremely versatile
  • Extremely secure and stable
  • Tilts down to allow easy loading: one-person operation
  • Easily installed and removed: no extra tools required
  • Ideally suited for SUV, RV, or pickup truck with cap
  • Features adjustable front wheel channel (to accommodate different sized bikes) and retractable tie down bar
  • Comes with safety chains and hitch pin
  • Fits standard 2-inch class II or IV hitch receiver: weight capacity dependent on receiver strength.
  • Black UV powder coat finish
To determine the weight capacity for the DK2 Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier, you must first determine the tongue weight limit of your vehicle. Take the lesser of these two figures and see the chart below:


Hitch / Vehicle Tongue Weight Limit (use lowest figure)Max. Carrying Capacity of DK2 Carrier
300lb136 kg180lb82 kg
350lb159 kg225lb102 kg
500lb227 kg350lb159 kg
750lb340 kg450lb204 kg
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